Live Sports


We have earned a reputation for being Prague’s Premier Sports Bar and that reputation was enhanced in recent times with the introduction of our new state of the art BIG LED screen.

You can watch live action from all the football leagues around the world, as well as Formula 1, Rugby, GAA, NFL and much more! Just request your game and we will take care of the rest.

Live Football Nov 28th – Dec 4th

 Monday 28th – Football

         Cameroon vs Serbia (11am)                                                                

                 World Cup Group H

                 South Korea vs Ghana (2pm) 

                 World Cup Group G

                 Brazil vs Switzerland (5pm) 

                 World Cup Group H

                 Portugal vs Uruguay (8pm) 

Tuesday 29th – Football

                 World Cup Group A

                 Netherlands vs Qatar (4pm) 

                 Ecuador vs Senegal (4pm)

                 World Cup Groups B

                 Wales vs England (8pm)

                 U.S.A VS Iran (8pm) 

 Wednesday 30th – Football

                 World Cup Group D

                 Tunisia vs France (4pm) 

                 Australia vs Denmark (4pm)  

                 World Cup Group C

                 Poland vs Argentina (8pm) 

                 Saudi Arabia v Mexico (8pm) 

Thursday 1st – Football

                World Cup Group F 

                Croatia vs Belgium (4pm) 

                Canada vs Morocco (4pm) 

                World Cup Group E

                Japan vs Spain (8pm)

                Costa Rica vs Germany (8pm)

Friday 2nd – Football 

                 World Cup Group H

                 South Korea vs Portugal (4pm)

                 Ghana vs Uruguay (4pm)

                 World Cup Group G

                 Serbia vs Switzerland (8pm) 

                 Cameroon vs Brazil (8pm) 

Saturday 3rd – Football

                 World Cup Last 16 

                 T.B.D vs T.B.D (4pm) 

                 T.B.D vs T.B.D (8pm)     

 Sunday 4th – Football

                World Cup Last 16

                T.B.D vs T.B.D (4pm) 

                T.B.D vs T.B.D (8PM)

                                Other Sports 


Sunday 4th

9 Games at (7pm) 3 Games at (10pm) 

Full Games available on Football section USA


Saturday 3rd 

Tyson Fury vs Derek Chisora (9pm) 

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